Master thesis; Smart CAM (Production Engineering)

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Master Thesis, ”Mapping thecurrent CAM-process at Saab Aeronautics and prepare for the next generation CAM-process usingexpert agent
with AI technology”

Saab Aeronautics is an innovative supplier of world-class aircraft systems and is engaged in research, development and production of military aircraft systems. It also conducts studies as preparation for future manned and

unmanned aircraft systems as well as further development of existing products. Collaborations with other world-leading entities, both large and small, is a success factor.

In Aerospace, the trend is to use more machined articles in assembly of aircraft fuselages. This saves time in the assembly process since parts are ready to assemble without drilling of holes in the assembly process.
Some of the time is instead shifted to preparation of machined parts and machining time, although the overall timesaving motivates this paradigm shift. Since the number of machined parts has increased drastically, the preparation time has also increased and in some industrialization projects it can be a bottleneck that is on the critical line of the project.

We have started a research topic within the R&D project “IntDemo Flygplan” together with KTH and Brogren Industries that will evaluate possibilities to connect an expert agent to the CAM programming environment. The idea is that this agent can help the programmer with for example tool choices, work piece orientation, choice of cutting strategies and so forth. Also once the program has been made and is used for production it could be an option to feedback some info from sensors on the machine to help further optimizing the process.

We have identified the need to investigate where in the current process we can benefit the most from the potential improvements. Therefore we would like this master thesis project to map the current process and the different softwares used. Which potential improvements can be identified using an expert agent? Can the process be simplified with fewer software? Which potential improvements using an expert agent is most worth exploring further? It should also help us answer the question what are the demands for next generation CAM software, demands that we can use in discussion with our software suppliers. The results should lay the ground for the continued work within this research topic.

This master thesis work can start on very short notice so please dont hesitate to send you application!

Contact at Saab Aeronautics:

Jesper Birberg, , tel. +46-73-418 38 07

Contact at KTH:

Andreas Archenti, , tel +46-8-790 83 53


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