Masters Thesis: Information extraction from satellite SAR image stacks

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Masters Thesis: Information extraction from satellite SAR image stacks

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Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) is a technique for producing high-resolution images of the Earth’s surface using radar. The use of radar allows images to be acquired both day and night, and even when the weather is cloudy. Using constellations of SAR satellites it is possible to collect SAR images covering large areas with short repeat times, and thus build up a large database of images (so-called image stacks) over the same area. In the near-future, many commercial, and national satellites are planned to provide huge quantities of SAR image data with high-resolution.

In order to extract useful information from SAR image stacks it is necessary to understand the information content of the data, including the natural variations due to weather and seasonal changes. An improved understanding of the data properties will give statistical models that can be used to develop automatic methods for extracting information. This project is to study large numbers of SAR images (50-100 images collected over a few years), and to develop and test different methods to extract the information in an effective manner.

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We are looking for a student in the last year of an M.Sc. degree in engineering physics, electrical engineering, engineering mathematics or computer science at Chalmers University, with an interest in working with algorithms for signal and image processing. Understanding of radar or microwave systems, and/or experience of working with Big Data is beneficial.

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