Anticipating tomorrow

The world does not stand still. Neither do we. Technological developments, combined with changing threats, require constant adaptation and innovation. That’s why we commit around a quarter of our revenue to R&D and thousands of engineers to anticipate tomorrow and keep society safe.

Advanced Innovation Detected

Meet Dr. Henrik Holter, winner of the 2017 Saab Innovation Prize. Learn how he's giving pilots a tactical advantage with a new phased array antenna, central to the electronic warfare system on Gripen E.

The holographic revolution

Saab and Microsoft will be redefining how the world experiences training and education delivery through the creation of highly innovative training, education and other complex 3D Holographic applications for the Microsoft HoloLens platform.


It is the thinnest, strongest, most conductive material ever obtained and set to disrupt a range of industries. Now Saab is exploring whether Graphene can be used in camouflage.

Saab ventures

Saab Ventures is the spin-in and spin-off engine of SAAB AB. Saab has a long and strong track record in spin-offs ranging from cars to computers and 3D maps.

The Power of collaboration

From a laboratory in Stockholm to a hackathon in Rio, innovation is everywhere. We believe in sharing ideas, technology and thinking.

Innovative heritage

Since 1937, Saab has maintained a thinking edge, one which has allowed it to offer innovative solutions that solve customers’ needs more efficiently than competitors.

Collaborate with us

In a complex and rapidly changing world, collaboration and openness are vital. We believe in sharing technology, ideas and thinking with our partners for mutual benefit and better outcomes.