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Digitisation and improving performance are two themes that touch every part of Saab’s operations. One example is the digital transformation within Human Resources that Saab is undergoing around the world. That will lead to, among other things, more efficient routines and provide a better overview of our workforce.

The principal aim is to create modern, more uniform system support with standardised HR processes for recruiting, performance reviews, talent identification, skills training and handling personal data.

“Instead of every country having its own system solutions and processes, we are developing HR processes that work for the whole Group,” says Helena Sollenberg, VP, Head of HR Operations.

With a flow-based digital routine and modern system solution, information can be automatically transferred between HR processes. Efficiency is improved by avoiding redundancies and unnecessary integrations between different systems.

The new HR system also provides a better overview and status report on the number of employees, number of open positions, employee turnover and how long a recruitment takes, and eventually will serve as a talent database for the entire company.

“Access to this source of information and constantly updated data makes it easier to analyse HR events and make well-informed decisions,” adds Helena Sollenberg.

It is a big project to implement a comprehensive system solution. Preparations have been
underway since 2016 and the plan is for a global rollout in early 2019. The HR departments in all large countries have been comparing progress and finding shared processes that work for everyone.

For employees, the new system provides access to their records and allows them to update certain information through a self-service interface.

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