Case Successful collaboration with Boeing

Boeing T-X is a totally new, advanced pilot training system developed by Boeing in collaboration with Saab, specifically for the U.S. Air Force. It includes trainer aircraft, land-based training and support.

The U.S. Air Force plans to buy 351 T-X aircraft, 46 simulators and related land-based equipment, but could order up to 475 aircraft and 120 simulators as part of the current contract. The initial order for MUSD 813 is for engineering and manufacturing development (EMD) and includes five aircraft and seven simulators.

“In this project we have redefined what is possible with limited development costs. We went from finished concept to first flight in 36 months,” says Steve Parker, Vice President and T-X Program Manager at Boeing. “It is a remarkable achievement.”

“We were always focused on smart growth, so that the system can be developed and modified for new technology, missions and needs,” he continued. “Since we began with a completely new concept, we could fully benefit from the latest technology, tools and manufacturing methods.”

Why did Boeing choose to work with Saab?

“Saab has the right mix of technological expertise and global presence. It has been a successful collaboration that we are very proud of. Together, our companies have developed a fantastic product that is capable and cost-efficient and is also so flexible that it can accommodate future missions.”

What future customers do you have in mind?

“We truly appreciate the interest that we are getting from various parts of the world and expect that the training system will become a franchise solution for many air forces around the world. At the programme level, we are totally focused on delivering to the U.S. Air Force in accordance with the terms of the contract. In addition, we see great potential to supply training systems to other domestic or international customers. We also see potential in the light combat aircraft segment in the U.S. and internationally,” says Steve Parker.