Case Efficiency that breaks the norm

“Breaking the norm” is the phrase you see when entering the project area for Saab and Boeing’s new T-7A pilot training system in Linköping. The motto is well suited to a project that Aviation Week named a 2019 Game Changer. Thanks to efficiencies at every level, the aircraft went from initial drawing to maiden flight in just three years.

When Aviation Week presented its prestigious Program Excellence Awards to the aviation industry, the T-7 project was recognised for the innovative and efficient processes that Boeing and Saab used in design, development, production and work with the supply chain.

The development of the new trainer used model-based systems engineering. This speeds up system and software development by producing designs that are closer to completion before series production and lets functions be simulated before software is implemented. The time saved in design and development meant that production-relevant jets were ready in 36 months. At the same time, the system has the flexibility to accommodate future changes.

Today the project is in the delivery stage, when the U.S. Air Force will get its new pilot training system on site.
“The biggest challenge now is to get to know and understand our American customer, the U.S. Air Force, at the same time that we have to deliver the project. It is a tough job, but also a fun and exciting journey,” says chief engineer Annika Meijer.