Case Artificial Intelligence: A powerful tool to develop sensors

Artificial intelligence (AI) represents a paradigm shift in technology that in a brief time has had a major impact on large swaths of society, and Saab is acting decisively to tap into the opportunities that AI offers.

Pattern recognition is one of the areas where AI has proven most useful. This includes identifying objects in moving images from a Tv sensor, a problem that is very difficult for traditional methods to handle. AI is already better than people at image recognition.

An important component in many of Saab’s products are advanced sensors for radar, electronic warfare, cybersecurity, signal intelligence, communication, sonar, surveillance etc. These sensors generate large amounts of data that has to be quickly and efficiently processed in order to identify patterns/information. AI is a powerful tool for this.

One of the areas where Saab is working on advanced AI is cognitive sensor systems for radar and electronic warfare, which are important e.g. for Gripen. In a cognitive system, the sensor gets a much better understanding of surrounding signals where it is operating at the time, and in this way can be continuously optimised for the highest possible performance during a mission.

Another application is in cybersecurity. AI is used there to manage loads and security in networks for cloud platforms as well as to detect and divert cyberattacks.