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Saab Interim Report January-September 2018

Interim Report Q3 2018

CEO Comment

T-X trainer aircraft starts a new chapter for Saab

"Saab continued to grow in the first nine months of 2018 with strong medium-sized order bookings and increased sales."

Håkan Buskhe
President & CEO
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T-X trainer aircraft starts a new chapter for Saab

Saab continued to grow in the first nine months of 2018 with strong medium-sized order bookings and increased sales. In the third quarter, the U.S. Air Force announced its selection of the T-X trainer aircraft from Saab and Boeing. By participating in the delivery of the T-X to the U.S. Air Force, Saab will strengthen its position in the US. The cooperation with Boeing is an example of how Saab is working internationally to broaden and expand its operations.


To bolster the company in the long-term, a number of measures have been identified to raise productivity. The measures better enable Saab to achieve its long-term financial goals and continue to invest in research and development. They include operating efficiencies and a plan to adapt the product portfolio, improve marketing efficiency and increase the digitisation of internal processes. During the third quarter, non-recurring costs related to the efficiency measures have been recognised.


Order bookings and sales

Order bookings in the first nine months of 2018 amounted to SEK 17.2 billion with continued strong medium-sized order bookings. Saab received a major order for Gripen development and operational support in Sweden worth SEK 1.4 billion in the period. During the same period in 2017, Saab received large orders totalling SEK 10.7 billion.
Sales amounted to SEK 22.1 billion with organic growth of 2 per cent.


Operating income and non-recurring items

Operating income for the first nine months amounted to SEK 844 million (1,255) and the operating margin was 3.8 per cent (5.8). Adjusted for non-recurring items, operating income amounted to SEK 1,142 million with an operating margin of 5.2 per cent.

Operational cash flow

Operational cash flow amounted to SEK -5,197 million in the period (-758), according to plan. The main reason for the negative cash flow was the high level of capital employed within the Gripen business and utilisation of previously received advances and milestone payments. Saab expects operational cash flow to be strongly positive in the fourth quarter 2018. Net debt increased to SEK 9.3 billion mainly as a result of negative operating cash flow.

Key Figures

Our growth journey continues

Why invest in Saab?

On the ground close to customers

Saab has expanded its marketing organisation in recent years and created a stronger local presence and relationships with customers in selected markets. The ability to build long-term industrial partnerships provides us with greater insight into what is in demand and helps us to further develop technologies and end products in order to provide customers with the new technology and sustainable solutions they want.

Cost efficient

Saab is working constantly to shorten lead times and increase efficiency in  its production. This has resulted in lower costs for Saab and for customers. Cost efficiency is always integrated as a parameter back when products and solutions are designed, and Saab is continuously making processes more efficient through automation and digitisation.

Highly innovative

Technological development is accelerating and competition intensifying. Staying on the forefront of technology, combined with cost efficiency, is in Saab’s DNA. Cutting-edge expertise, talented employees and business strategy drive Saab and its customers to stay a step ahead and meet future challenges.


% outside of Sweden

sales growth

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operating margin

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Order bookings


Interim Report
January-September 2018

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A step ahead

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