Case Digitisation improves systems development

Digitisation is part of Saab’s long-term strategy and provides a number of opportunities for efficiencies. One is Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), which offers an efficient way to develop systems and software, e.g. by producing more complete designs prior to series production and because functions can be simulated before software is implemented.

A model-based approach is essential to developing large, complex systems that have to be integrated within tight timeframes. It is also imperative in order to work effectively with partners.

“A model of our design makes it easier to understand the limits between the different systems and how they are integrated,” says Jonas Palm, head of tactical systems in the business area Aeronautics.

Another benefit is that visualisation makes it easier to communicate between different levels of the organisation and to train new employees. Being able to test higher abstraction levels early on, before the product is ready, also means considerably fewer errors.

“MBSE is not only more efficient technique for systems development, but also contributes to smarter, more agile ways of working. The traditional project process is  changing, so for example we can get more work done  simultaneously, resulting in shorter timeframes,” says Sam Nicander, Head of Systems Engineering in the business area Aeronautics.

MBSE also facilitates the next step in digitisation with increasing automation. By automating development processes, which in turn leads to higher quality and a faster route from concept to finished product, there are more possibilities to profit from development work.