Combitech Traffic Systems leads the way with CEN based ETC systems in the Philipp

Combitech Traffic Systems leads the way with CEN based ETC systems in The

Combitech Traffic Systems has been awarded a contract for the supply of
Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) equipment worth 40 million SEK. This
contract, the first of its kind in The Philippines, confirms the role of
Combitech Traffic Systems as a leading player in the important ETC market in
South East Asia.

The market for electronic toll collection systems in The Philippines is
potentially very interesting, especially in view of the large investments
planned in the next several years to alleviate the current heavy congestion
and to support existing traffic management schemes, particularly in the Manila
area. Smoother traffic flow is one important ingredient required to sustain
the current economic growth in The Philippines.

The electronic toll equipment, selected for the project, conforms to the
widely known CEN DSRC standard as well as the GSS specification, accepted by
the majority of ETC system suppliers. This means that the efforts made by the
Combitech Traffic Systems since the early 1990's to promote the use of
standardised interoperable electronic toll collection systems have been
rewarded in yet another project.

"The customer, Citra Metro Manila Tollways Corporation, (CMMTC) is the leading
road toll operator in The Philippines with four road toll operating
concessions in and around the Manila area. This is only the first in a row of
contacts with this customer, which will establish the de-facto standard for
electronic toll collection in The Philippines. There are another three toll
road operators in the country, and all are watching closely to see what
precedent CMMTC have set in this respect" said Johan Frilund, responsible for
The Philippines market at Traffic Systems.

The present order initially includes 100.000 transponders and over 100
roadside systems. A compact Transponder is fixed to the vehicle's windscreen
and as the vehicle approaches the account details are read from the
Transponder and, if the account is in credit, the vehicle is allowed to pass.
The whole process takes less than a second and does not require the driver to
stop. These special electronic toll lanes are equipped with an unobtrusive
reading device known as a Transceiver. This Transceiver is part of a roadside
system that manages all account details for each toll lane.

The innovative electronic toll systems are marketed under the brand name
PREMID and are already in use in 13 countries worldwide. With present
installations and orders over 1.5 million drivers are able to enjoy paying
tolls electronically in more than 1500 toll lanes equipped with PREMID

For further information, please contact:
Johan Frilund,
Managing Director, Combitech Traffic Systems Malaysia tel +46 36 194819
Jan Svedevall,
Public Relations, Combitech Traffic Systems AB tel +46 36 194875

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