Combitech Traffic Systems chosen for road rolling system on the Öresund bridge

Combitech Traffic System chosen for road tolling system on the Öresund bridge

Combitech Traffic Systems has been awarded the order for supply of equipment
to the electronic road toll system on the Öresund Bridge between Sweden and
Denmark. The order is worth over 25 million SEK in the its first phase and it
confirms Combitech Traffic Systems leading position as a supplier for products
and systems for electronic toll collection on roads

The order is a logical continuation of the system that Combitech Traffic
Systems has delivered and which is installed since a couple of years on the
Great Belt Bridge in Denmark. A basic demand in the procurement has been that
the systems on both bridges must be interoperable. Choosing systems conforming
to the CEN standard, which is becoming increasingly dominating on the world
market, has ensured this.

"We are of course delighted that the Öresund Consortium have chosen us as
supplier of the electronic tolling system. The motorists who decide to equip
their cars with a transponder will be able to pass the toll stations in a very
comfortable and safe manner without having to stop. The idea is that the same
transponder shall be possible to use also on the Great Belt Bridge. Now there
will no need to stop when travelling from Sweden down to the European
continent." - says Combitechs project responsible, Anders Dahlbäck.

The order now awarded is for 100.000 transponders and Combitech Traffic
Systems has also supplied the equipment for the roadside systems in the 6
lanes for electronic tolling.

Combitech Traffic Systems is part of the Saab Group and is one of the leading
suppliers in the design, manufacturing and marketing of components and systems
for electronic road tolling. The innovative electronic toll systems are
marketed under the brand name PREMID® and are already in use in 16 countries
world-wide. With present installations and orders over 1.7 million drivers are
able to enjoy paying tolls electronically in more than 1500 toll lanes
equipped with PREMID® technology.

Saab AB is active in the aerospace- and defense industry and supplies advanced
products and systems based on sophisticated information technology. The
business areas are Military Aerospace, Space, Training Systems, Commercial
Aircraft and Combitech.

For further information, please contact:
Anders Dahlbäck, Area Manager, Combitech Traffic Systems +46 36 194332
Jan Svedevall, Public Relations, Combitech Traffic Systems +46 36 194875

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