Combitech Traffic Systems is awarded the order for Turkish road toll system

Combitech Traffic Systems is delivering equipment for the electronic road toll
systems installed on the Bosphorus Bridges
in Istanbul, Turkey during the summer and fall of 1999. Order estimated at 30
Million SEK. Installation and integration is performed by Turkish company

The contract came after an extensive round of procurement and testing after
which Combitech Traffic Systems was selected as supplier by the customer, the
Turkish national Highway Association (KGM). KGM is expecting the traffic jams
that are now caused by the manual toll collection systems around Istanbul to
be greatly reduced. The Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) Systems are being
installed at the two bridges over the Bosphorus Straits in Istanbul as well as
on the major motorways around the city.

The electronic system uses a so-called transponder which is mounted in the
car, thereby identifying the driver whose bank account is charged at each
passage. It is also possible to have a system in which the transponder
contains electronic tokens, which permits the design of a system that
maintains full anonymity for the user. The system is conforming to the CEN
standard, which is now becoming the dominant global standard for ETC systems.

The order is initially for 100.000 transponders and equipment for 40 road side

Combitech Traffic Systems is part of the Saab Group and is one of the leading
suppliers in design, manufacturing and marketing of components and systems for
electronic road tolling. The innovative electronic toll systems are marketed
under the brand name PREMID® and are already in use in 16 countries world-
wide. With present installations and orders over 1.7 million drivers are able
to enjoy paying tolls electronically in more than 1500 toll lanes equipped
with PREMID technology.

Saab AB is active in the aerospace- and defense industry and supplies advanced
products and systems based on sophisticated information technology. The
business areas are Military Aerospace, Space, Training Systems, Commercial
Aircraft and Combitech.

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Jan Svedevall, Public Relations, Combitech Traffic Systems +46 36 194875

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