Gripen, Hawk and South Africa

Today, the South African Defence Minister Patrick Lekota, confirmed the
Government´s intention to fulfil the aircraft deal with 28 Gripen and 24 Hawk.

In the package with 28 Gripen and 24 Hawk, with a total value of 15,8 billion
Rand, the South African Government has put requirements on offset with the
purpose to create growth in the South African economy. Saab and British
Aerospace have mutually committed to execute projects for industrial growth of
a value of 43 billion Rand during 11 years.

The growth will be generated through business projects based on normal
commercial requirements. Saab-BAe have identified some 100 projects, which are
in different phases. In the proposal the Saab-BAe capability is exemplified by
17 projects. These projects are based on normal market economic standards and
are thereby viable and standing on their own merits. If the projects for some
reason are not viable, i.e. not profitable, they will be replaced with or
complemented with other projects.

The economic growth is based on three parameters, which are increase in
domestic sales, increase in export and investments. Saab and British
Aerospace´s role in these businesses is to be the catalyst, i.e. identify and
realize new business opportunities which are beneficial to the South African
economy and the companies involved.

For further information, please contact: Jan Ahlgren, Saab AB Gripen, Director
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