New Guidance System from Saab Ericsson Space successfully flight qualified

Early in the morning on September 27, the first NSROC/NASA scientific sounding
rocket guided by the DS19 Guidance System, blasted off the launch rail at
White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico. The DS19 guided the rocket to the
predetermined impact point with high accuracy. The DS19 is the fifth member of
the Saab Ericsson Space family of guidance systems. It is an upgraded version
of the frequently used S19 Guidance System. By this successful flight the DS19
is flight qualified.

The DS19 is an autonomous guidance system giving very low rocket impact
dispersion and highly accurate trajectories. The system is mounted as part of
the payload, which means that it does not require any motor modifications.
This is an important feature when looking for low price launch opportunities,
used in disciplines like scientific sounding rockets and targets. It uses
aerodynamic control surfaces to guide and control the rocket towards the
desired impact point.

The other members of the Saab Ericsson Space guidance system family are the
GCS (control by means of thrust vectoring), the SPINRAC (exo-atmospheric
control of spinning vehicles by means of gas jets) and the RACS (three-axis
exo-atmospheric control by means of gas jets).

The DS19 uses gyros and accelerometers to measure the rocket velocity,
position and direction. This simplifies the launch operations and raises the
flight trajectory accuracy significantly. In principal the predetermined
impact point is put into the DS19 flight computer and the rest is handled by
the system itself. The DS19 can easily be adapted to different rocket motors.

Saab Ericsson Space is an independent supplier of space equipment. The company
develops and manufactures computers, antenna systems, microwave electronics
and guidance and separation system for launch vehicles, satellites and other

The headquarters is located in Gothenburg, the Mechanical Products Division is
at Saab in Linköping and there are subsidiaries in Austria and the USA, Saab
Ericsson Space Inc. Of the company's 600 employees, more than half hold
Master's or Doctor's degrees in technical fields.

Saab Ericsson Space is jointly owned by Saab and Ericsson.

For further information, please contact:
Iréne Svensson, Communications Manager tel +46 31 735 44 63
Bengt Mörtberg, General Manager for Mechanical Products tel +46 13 18 64

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