Saab opens a Technology office in Boston and becomes a member of MITs Medialab

In November, Saab is establishing a Technology Office in Cambridge/Boston,
close to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT. The office will
enable units and companies within the Saab Group to access new technology,
build networks with US high-tech companies and find new business partners. At
the same time, Saab will also become a consortium member of MITs Medialab.

"Being a broadly technology-oriented company, it is crucial for Saab to
constantly monitor and take advantage of the very latest developments in
technology," says
Billy Fredriksson, Vice President Corporate Technology. The Boston region and
MIT were chosen, as this is one of the most concentrated high-tech areas in
the US.

Saab has since long had extensive networks and cooperation on research and
technology in Europe. The new office in Boston is the start towards a similar
development in the US.

Contact with MIT is being increased through active participation in the
Industrial Liason Program, and through membership of the MIT Medialab, which
focuses on advanced research in a creative environment. Membership of the
Medialab will bring Saab into very close collaboration with MIT.

The new Saab office is just 10 minutes walk from MIT. The plan is that Saab
Group companies and units will be able to station personnel in Boston for
short or long periods to work on various projects and develop their contacts
with both researchers and high-tech companies.

Saab AB is active in the aerospace- and defense industry and supplies advanced
products and systems based on sophisticated information technology.
The business areas are Military Aerospace, Space, Training Systems, Commercial
Aircraft and Combitech.

For further information, please contact:
Dr Billy Fredriksson, Vice President and Technical Director,
Corporate Technology, Saab AB tel +46 13 - 18 13 88
Lars Jagerfelt, Vice President,
Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, Saab AB tel +46 13 -18 71 65

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