Saab Training Systems has recieved a new order from the US Army

Saab Training Systems has received a new order from the US Army

Saab Training Systems AB in Huskvarna, Sweden has received an additional
order for laser-based gunnery and maneuver simulators, (TWGSS/PGS), from
the US Army. The order value is 19 million USD.

During the last five years Saab Training Systems has delivered more than
1700 laser-based precision simulators for gunnery training to the US
Army/US Marine Corps which are used on M1A1 and M1A2 tanks and on Bradley
and LAV APCs.

The new order includes not only additional M1A1/M1A2 and Bradley gunnery
simulators, but also a start of serial production of TWGSS/PGS for the
latest variant of Bradley (A3) and the M1A2SEP. TWGSS/PGS is the only
appended gunnery simulator capable of fully supporting these digitized
forces. Saab Training Systems has worked closely with the vehicle
designers to achieve a more embedded training solution.

The Bradley A3 and M1A2SEP are designed around a digital bus structure
(1553) and both vehicles are equipped with 2 Generation FLIR (Forward
Looking InfraRed). The digital interface between the simulator and the
vehicle enables data exchange with the fire control system in both
directions. The simulator also generates data into all sights within the
vehicle, (including the 2 Generation FLIR), such as tracers, burst on
target and obscuration effects.

Most of the deliveries will take place during the second half of 2000.

Saab AB is active in the aircraft-, space- and defense industry and
supplies advanced products and systems based on sophisticated information
technology. The business areas are Military Aerospace, Space, Training
Systems, Commercial Aircraft and Combitech.

Saab Training Systems AB is specialized in military training equipment;
laser simulators, target equipment and graphic simulators. It is a wholly
owned subsidiary of Saab AB and has 269 employees. The turnover 1998 was
621 MSEK.

For further information, please contact:
Johan Ohlson, President, Saab Training Systems ABtel +46 36 38 86 01
Hans Standar, Vice President Marketing & Sales, Saab Training Systems AB
tel +46 36 38 87 06

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