Saab Technologies - the new symbol

One of the most well-known symbols has undergone some minor changes - like
the company behind the symbol


After the merger with Celsius, Saab is a new company. This is being
reflected from 19 May also by changes to the company symbol. The
"Aerospace" concept is being replaced with "TECHNOLOGIES", a concept
that better describes the orientation and operations of the Saab Group as
a whole. The company name "SAAB" is now in gold.

The symbol is a further development of Saab's original version, designed
by Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd and launched in 1984. The changes have been
made in consultation with the designer.

The symbol will communicate the new Saab - Northern Europe's leading high
technology company, with broad and unique capabilities in every area from
aeronautical engineering, aerodynamics, space technology and underwater
technology, to information acquisition, tactical command, precision
impact, sensors, image processing and communications technology.

Further information on the new Saab symbol and digital original can be
found at user name: saab password: saffran

Questions about the symbol should be addressed to Lars Jagerfelt, Vice
President Corporate Communications, tel +46 13 18 71 65 e-mail:
Kenneth Åbrink, Market Communications Manager, tel +46 13 18 71 55

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