Major order for Saab Nyge Aero - collaboration with Bombardier Aerospace

worth SEK 183 m.

Saab Nyge Aero in Nyköping has won an order worth SEK 183 m. from
Bombardier Aerospace in Canada. At its workshops in Nyköping, Saab Nyge
Aero will rebuild and modify two Canadair CL-415 amphibious aircraft. The
work will take three years to complete and the company expects to recruit
about 20 personnel for this purpose. The order includes an option on a
third aircraft and will create export opportunities for other parts of
Sweden's high technology industry.

"Apart from the contract itself, the order means that we are now
established as a modification center for future orders from Bombardier
Aerospace," says Björn Sundén, President of Saab Nyge Aero. It also means
that we have a reference order in further marketing of our company as an
international modification center for aircraft.

In its basic version, the CL-415 can scoop up about six tons of water from
lakes and other large bodies of water for use in fighting forest fires.
The order given to Saab Nyge Aero entails modifying the aircraft so that
it can also be used in SAR (Search And Rescue), including maritime and
environmental surveillance missions.

About 50 aircraft of the basic model are currently in use throughout the

"Bombardier has now received an initial order from a customer in the
Mediterranean area for rebuilding two CL-415 aircraft, with an option on a
third," says Björn Sundén.

Order important for other industries
The order is also important for other parts of Sweden's high technology
industry. Ericsson Microwave Systems is a major subcontractor of
technology and equipment, and the Swedish Space Corporation sees a
promising export potential for its maritime surveillance system.

During summer 1995 and 1996, Sweden's Coastal Defense and the Swedish
Rescue Services Agency tested the CL-415 for firefighting at various
locations and found the aircraft well suited for Swedish conditions. The
possibility for modification and conversion to a complete maritime rescue
aircraft, including the capability to perform maritime and environmental
surveillance missions, will probably be of considerable weight in a future
decision on aircraft purchases within the scope of Government commissions
to these organizations.

For Skavsta Airport outside Nyköping, which is one of the candidates as
Sweden's next major airport, the strengthening of Saab Nyge Aero's
personnel and know-how means enhanced competitiveness.

Saab is Northern Europe's leading high technology company and operates
within the defense and aerospace areas and offers leading-edge products
and systems built on sophisticated information technology. Its business
areas are Infomatics, Aerospace, Dynamics, Technical Support & Services,
Space and Aviation Services

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Björn Sundén, Vice President, Saab Nyge Aero AB
tel +46 70 567 40 75

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