Swedish defence forces order RBS 23 BAMSE

The Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV) has placed an order for
series production of the Air Defence missile system BAMSE for the Swedish
defence forces. The order was placed after a period of in-depth
evaluations regarding the further development potential of the system to
futuristic threats.

For the Swedish air defence forces this procurement will mean that they
will have access to the very latest technology, and that it will now be
possible to further develop both their operational capability and the
expertise of the AD officers.

RBS 23 BAMSE is a highly modern system with exceptionally high
performance, that has been verified by comprehensive and independent
evaluations recently performed by the defence forces, FMV and FOA
(Research Institute of the Swedish National Defence). This procurement
also means that the Swedish strategically important capability to develop
AD missile systems is ensured.

RBS 23 BAMSE will form the platform on which the development of future AD
systems for all branches of the defence forces will be based:

"This order strengthen the position of Saab Bofors Dynamics as a centre of
technological expertise, and as a long-term supplier of qualified missile
systems to the Swedish defence forces", says Ingemar Andersson, President
of SAAB Bofors Dynamics.

"Internationally, it will increase our credibility and attraction as a co-
operation partner for national authorities and industries abroad."

An order for the development of RBS 23 BAMSE was placed with the then
Bofors Missiles in May 1993, and series produced firing units and missiles
will be delivered to the defence forces early in the year 2003. The system
is particularly suited for service in emerging defence concepts such as
RMA (Revolution in Military Affairs). Its capability to defend e.g., vital
infrastructures against attack by cruise missiles is very high.

Saab is northern Europe's leading high technology company, mainly active
in the defence, aviation and space industry, and offers advanced products
and systems based on sophisticated information technology. The business
areas within Saab are Infomatics, Aerospace, Dynamics, Technical Support
and Services, Space and Aviation Services.

For further information, please contact:
Anders Florenius, Vice President
Communications and Public Affairs, Saab Bofors Dynamics
tel +46 173 33233

This, and other information, is also available at www.saab.se

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