Bofors Weapon Systems strengthens its world leadership

Bofors Weapon Systems AB which today changes its name to Bofors Defence AB
strengthens its world leadership in the field of Intelligent Ammunition.

-With the support of our new owner, the American company United Defense,
we will leverage our investments within the product field of Intelligent
Ammunition. Via United Defense ownership we will also gain access to
better opportunities in more markets, for example the US market. Our TCM
program is one example of the US armed forces interest in our products,
says Magnus Ingesson, President of Bofors Defence AB.

Bofors Defence AB already holds a strong position in the field of
Intelligent Ammunition via its wide range of products.


TCM is the latest Bofors Defence Intelligent Ammunition development
project. This field artillery round can be corrected during its
trajectory, thus reducing the inevitable dispersion that occurs with the
increased ranges now being achieved by modern field artillery systems. The
development work is being carried out together with the US company SAT.

This development project is currently being financed jointly by the
Swedish and US defence forces.

Retaliator - a system to meet the threat of precision guided weapons.The
Retaliator system is based on a completely new concept: the smart
projectile rotates at high speed in trajectory. A LADAR-sensor (laser
radar), utilizing the rotation, begins an overhead scan. Once the sensor
detects the target, the smart munition is released, destroying the taret
with its warhead effect at stand-off ranges between 50 and 100 m.

The Retaliator concept can form the basis for many types of new weapon


Just before the Summer vacation this year, Bofors Defence together with
its partner the French company GIAT received orders from the Swedish and
French defence forces for series production of the 155 mm field artillery

shell BONUS. This shell is used to combat armoured targets within the
range of the artillery i.e., in excess of 20 km.
The shell carries two submunitions which search over the target area. When
a target is detected, a projectile is fired from the submunition and it
penetrates the armoured target, even if it is a modern Main Battle Tank.

¤ 3P

The all-target ammunition 3P is developed for the medium calibre range 40
- 57 mm. The 40 mm 3P round is today operational with the CV 9040 family,
and in some naval gun systems. The 57 mm 3P round will be delivered for
the new Swedish "Visby"-class coastal corvettes. This round can be
programmed in six different modes, enabling it to be used against several
types of threat on land and in the air.

STRIX is by far the most advanced mortar ammunition available on the world
market. STRIX is fired from a 120 mm mortar launcher and it has a range of
approximately 7 km. The shell has a sophisticated IR target sensor, and
its course can be corrected towards the end of the flight trajectory so as
to achieve a direct hit in the target. The effect is so great it can
defeat the most modern Main Battle Tanks. STRIX is the result of a joint
project between Bofors Defence and SAAB Bofors Dynamics. Series produced
deliveries have been made to the Swedish and Swiss defence forces.

Bofors Defence AB is concentrated in Karlskoga, where at this point in
time it has approximately 550 employees. Today, Bofors Defence is a highly
specialised high-tech company where roughly 50% of the employees are
highly qualified engineers. This year alone Bofors Defence has recruited
more than 20 persons with Msc degrees.

For further information please contact:
Lennart Borné, Information officer, Tel. 0586-819 19, 070-653 58 39.

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