Ericsson Saab Avionics acquires EMC Services

As a result of the acquisition, both companies strengthen their roles in
the EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) area, which is becoming
increasingly important to master in order to avoid unwanted disturbances
between electronic systems. This applies, for example, to automobiles,
aircraft, IT products and industrial plants.

EMC Services Elmiljöteknik AB is a consulting company that offers
training, design support and testing in the EMC field. Based in Mölndal,
Sweden, the company has six employees.
Ericsson Saab Avionics AB is owned jointly by Ericsson and Saab and is
the principal supplier of electronic systems to the Gripen fourth-
generation fighter. The company is Saab's competence center in
electromagnetic technology, with extensive EMC operations in Linköping.
This also includes such other electromagnetic-related expertise as
antennas and radar cross-sections.
The acquisition strengthens Ericsson Saab Avionics' position as the
leading company in EMC. As a result, customers are offered expanded
resources, better geographical proximity and services that cover
everything from analyses, simulations, design support, consulting and
testing to training, with an extensive course program.
In a comparable manner, EMC Services' customers are provided access to
increasing broader expertise and greater resources for simulation and

Rolf Sandström, Vice President Industrial Cooperation and Investor
Tel. +46 8 757 05 61, fax. +46 8 752 89 84,

Lars Olsson, Director of Communications and PR
Tel. +46 8 757 03 83, fax. +46 8 752 89 84,

Ulf Nilsson, President EMC Services
Tel. +46 31 27 91 36, fax. +46 31 27 02 64,

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