French army purshases more AT4 CS weapons

French army purchases more AT4 CS weapons

Back in 1996 the French army purchased a large number of the then, newly
developed by Bofors, AT 4 CS anti armour weapon system. The AT 4 CS is a
disposable, single round, anti armour weapon system having the capability
to be fired from confined spaces, a characteristic unique in recoilless
anti armour systems. The model on which it is based, namely the AT4
system, has been in service for many years with several NATO countries.

A further order has now been placed by DSA/SPART (Direction des Systèmes
D'Armee/ Service des Programmes D'Armements Terrestre) for the AT4 CS
system with Saab Bofors Dynamics AB in cooperation with the French TDA
(Thomson Dasa Armements.)

The order is valued at more than MSEK 300. The order has already been
planned for and therefore will not mean any new jobs, but it is important
with regard to the company's workshops in Karlskoga.

Saab is northern Europe's leading high technology company, mainly active
in the defence, aviation and space industry, and offers advanced products
and systems based on sophisticated information technology. The business
areas within Saab are Infomatics, Aerospace, Dynamics, Technical Support
and Services, Space and Aviation Services.

For further information, please contact:
Anders Florenius, Information Director
Communications and Public Affairs, Saab Bofors Dynamics phone +46 586
81223, +46 70 5823230

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