Saab Ericsson Space supplies Eutelsat satellites

Saab Ericsson Space has been awarded contracts from Alcatel concerning
Eutelsat's Atlantic Bird 2 and HotBird 6 spacecraft. The responsibilities
include central data management units, remote data units and TT&C
antennas. Hotbird 6 will also be equipped with a RF sensing system.
Deliveries will take place during 2001.

The satellites are suited to provide telecommunications services and the
launches are scheduled to 2001.

Saab Ericsson Space is an well-experienced designer and manufacturer of
space equipment for communications satellites and over the years more than
60 satellites have been provided with command and data handling systems.
Saab Ericsson Space is Alcatel's principle supplier of C&DH and earlier
contracts include Astra 1K, Arabsat 3, Eurasiasat and Eutelsat W24 among

Saab Ericsson Space has also a long tradition of developing antennas and
microwave electronics with over 100 manufactured systems. The TT&C antenna
is to be used for telecomand and telemetry. The recently developed RF-
sensing system will use the uplink signal from ground to determine the
pointing of the satellite with an accuracy of 14 mdeg. This is far more
accurately than other systems normally used in commercial satellites
today. The lifetime is estimated to 15 years. The newly developed
equipment is flexible and can easily be adapted to fit other large Ku-band
or Ka-band satellites in the future.

Saab Ericsson Space is an independent supplier of space equipment. The
company develops and manufactures computers, antenna systems, microwave
electronics, guidance and separation systems for launch vehicles,
satellites and other spacecraft, and is world market leader in a number of
its product areas.

The headquarters is located in Göteborg. The company has a division at
Saab in Linköping and subsidiaries in Austria and the USA. Employees
number 650 and more than half of them hold master's or doctor's degrees in

The company is owned by Saab and Ericsson.

Saab is northern Europe's leading high technology company, mainly active
in the defence, aviation and space industry, and offers advanced products
and systems based on sophisticated information technology. The business
areas within Saab are Infomatics, Aerospace, Dynamics, Technical Support
and Services, Space and Aviation Services.

Ericsson is the leading communications supplier, combining innovation in
mobility and Internet in creating the new era of Mobile Internet. Ericsson
provides total solutions covering everything from systems and applications
to mobile phones and other communications tools.

For further information, please contact:
Iréne Svensson, Director of Communications tel. +46 (0)31-735 44 63.

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