Gripen´s advanced radio system ensures good employment capacity

The Defence Matériel Administration has placed an order with
AerotechTelub for continued consultancy services worth closer to SEK 10M
within the aircraft radio area.
The assignment means that AerotechTelub has been given continued
confidence for work within TARAS, TActical RAdio System that will be
introduced into the Swedish Air Force and be used in, among others, the
JAS39 Gripen.

Certain parts of the tactical radio system, Radio 90, are technically
speaking, among the world's most advanced radio systems for military
aircraft communication.
- This order that is a continuation of previous assignments, will
engage some 15 engineers, says business unit manager Jan Lindström. Our
work consists of technical investigations and analyses of the liaison

Today, there are altogether some 35 people within AerotechTelub who work
with TARAS and the number is expected to increase during the year. TARAS
will, in the long term, replace present radio systems that came into use
during the 1960's. The ability to control and communicate with JAS39
Gripen will thereby be enhanced.

For further information, contact:
Jan Lindström, business unit manager, tel 0589-810 52, mobile 070-538 22

Ulf Campner, department manager, tel 0589-814 44, mobile 070-326 74 43,

AerotechTelub is a service company which offers qualified technical
services and customer-adapted system solutions within information
technology, electronics and aviation technology for the military and
civil defence, government departments and public authorities as well as
selected sectors of trade and industry.
AerotechTelub has 2,600 employees and a turnover of ca SEK 2,4 billion.
AerotechTelub is jointly owned by Saab, (57 %), one of the world´s
leading high-technology companies, and the IT company TietoEnator (43

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