Sweden's first commercial TETRA system!

AerotechTelub Contracting AB has received an order for ca SEK 17M from
the City of Gothenburg's Public Transport department regarding the TETRA
system that will be used by, among others, the public transport in

TETRA stands for TErrestrial Trunked RAdio and is a digital platform for
two-way radio. Europe leads the TETRA development that has initially
been used by the Public Safety Services in different countries. The area
of use for speech and data via radio is large. The City of Gothenburg
takes the step towards commercial use by introducing the system into the
public transport.

Gothenburg has chosen a technology change-over that means going from a
traditional analogue radio system for tram traffic to TETRA that has the
capacity for both speech and data transfer as well as great
possibilities of increasing the function and the area of use.

The solution is a good example of AerotechTelub Contracting AB's
competence and ability to implement new digital technology for new areas
of use. This has taken place by utilizing a long and genuine experience
with foundations in radio, mobile telephony and digital technology. For
us, this is a very important order within an area that has great
development potential, says Lennart Forslund, MD of AerotechTelub
Contracting AB.

In Gothenburg, TETRA will provide more secure, more flexible and quicker
connections for speech within the public transport. Group calls and the
priority for emergency calls are some of the functions that are special
for the system. The good possibilities for data communication will
initially be used by the Public Transport department's real time
information system for the public transport. By sending position reports
from vehicles very frequently without being affected by extra costs,
enhances the precision in the information system. TETRA's capacity means
that a number of applications can be of immediate interest, not only for
the Public Transport department's operations, but also for the City of
Gothenburg. We see great development possibilities for the operations
with the functionality that the system provides, says Jan-Olof
Berndtsson, Development Manager, Transport Department, City of

For further information, please contact:
Lennart Forslund, MD, AerotechTelub Contracting AB:
Phone: 0589-39 71 10
Mobile: 0707-13 08 08

Göran Jakobsson, Business Manager, Traffic infrastructure
AerotechTelub Contracting AB:
Phone: 0243-736 47
Mobile: 0707-13 08 12

Jan-Olof Berndtsson, Development Manager, Transport Department, City of
Phone: 031-61 16 48
Mobile: 0705-77 56 76

Daniel Ulfheden, Development Manager, ITS Transport Department, City of
Phone: 031-24 52 59
Mobile: 0707-130808

AerotechTelub Contracting AB is a subsidiary of AerotechTelub.

AerotechTelub is a service company which offers qualified technical
services and customer-adapted system solutions within information
technology, electronics and aviation technology for the military and
civil defence, government departments and public authorities as well as
selected sectors of trade and industry.
AerotechTelub has 2,600 employees and a turnover of ca SEK 2,4 billion.
AerotechTelub is jointly owned by Saab, (57 %), one of the world´s
leading high-technology companies, and the IT company TietoEnator (43

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