An order worth 500MSEK to Saab Bofors Dynamics

The Finnish Naval Headquarters and Saab Bofors Dynamics has signed a
contract for enhancing the Finnish Navy's anti-ship missile capability.

The agreement includes deliveries of new equipment as well as upgrade of
the existing inventory. The RBS15 has been in service with the Finnish
Navy since the end of the 80ies and this contract is a significant sign
of trust in the Swedish system.

The program is based on the Finnish Navy's, as well as Saab Bofors
Dynamics', long experience in anti-ship missile systems and the
development of the new RBS15 Mk3. Both parties have jointly defined the
Finnish Navy's version of the new RBS15. During the definition phase the
parties have used common resources and skills, such as the Navy's
tactical and operational knowledge and Saab Bofors Dynamics' Hardware-In-
The-Loop facility for Target Seeker development, to define a state-of-
the-art system for the future.

This customized version of the RBS15 Mk3 standard is denominated RBS15
SF3 by the Finnish Naval Headquarters.

The program also involves a significant technology transfer and Finnish

The contract value is in the order of half a billion SEK.

Saab is one of the world's leading high-technology companies, with its
main operations focusing on defence, aviation and space. The group
covers a broad spectrum of competence and capability in systems

For further information, please contact:
Gunnar Språng, Saab Bofors Dynamics phone: +46 13 186110
Cdr. Ilpo Bergholm, Finnish Naval Headquarters
phone: +358 9 18124213

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