Torpedo delivery in Motala

At an impressive ceremony today in Motala the first, new, heavyweight
torpedo, designated Torpedo 62, was formally handed over to The Swedish
Defence Material Administration (FMV).

The torpedo was handed over to Rear-Admiral Bertil Björkman, Head of the
Production Group FMV, by the President of Saab Bofors Underwater Systems
AB, Mikael Grodzinsky.

During June 2001 Saab Bofors Underwater Systems will deliver the first
lot of series produced torpedoes to FMV. Include in Torpedo 62 is
equipment for testing the fire control system and evaluating of the
results after firing, as well as documentation and training of crews in
handling the system at land bases and onboard vessels.

Its Swedish designation is Torped 62, and the export version is
designated Torpedo 2000. The first export order has already been
received from Brazil.

"This is a big event for us here in Motala", said Mikael Grodzinsky, "it
is a very sophisticated and complex development project, performed in
close cooperation with FMV, that has resulted in us now being able to
deliver a new heavyweight torpedo that must be classified as being
global "State of the art". Torpedo 62 is primarily intended for arming
submarines but it can also be launched from surface vessels. It is a
weapon system that both we and our customers have great faith in. A
system that has aroused enormous international interest, and one that we
count on will result in more orders, over and above the one we have
already received from Brazil."

DATA Torped 62/Torpedo 2000:
Diameter 21"(533mm)
Length 6 m
Weight 1 450 kg
Speed/range exceeding 40 knots/greater than 40 km
Operational depth 500 m

Saab is one of the world's leading high-technology companies, with its
main operations focusing on defence, aviation and space. The group
covers a broad spectrum of competence and capability in systems

For further information, please contact:
Lars Wallgren phone: +46 141 22 45 18,
Saab Bofors Underwater Systems +46 70 6981568

Mikael Grodzinsky, President, phone: +46 141 22 45 10,
Saab Bofors Underwater Systems +46 70 8894648

Captain (N) Anders Nilsson, FMV phone: +46 8 782 4828

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