Saab part of European study for future combat air systems

Saab welcomes the news that the Ministers of Defence of France, Germany,
Italy, Spain, Sweden and UK have declared their intent to carry out a
joint study aimed at providing an initial assessment of their respective
future combat air system capability requirements in a 2020 timeframe.

Saab, together with the other major European Aerospace Companies (Alenia
Aerospace, BAE SYSTEMS, EADS and Dassault Aviation) all recognise the
long term capability needs, identified by the Governments, which will
require systems and technologies to be developed and demonstrated
jointly to maximise the effect of R&T across Europe. As a result, they
have expressed an intention to work together with the common aim of

· work in some high priority areas already identified, such as
stealthy platforms, C4ISR integrated systems networking via data link,
propulsion systems, and the command and control of uninhabited air
vehicles, all of which are expected to be initiated straight away.
· the risk-reduction technology programme set up under the name of
European Technology Acquisition Programme (ETAP) which will result from
the Intergovernmental study and which will include Technology
Demonstration Projects (TDPs), concept demonstrations and Technology
Demonstration Vehicles (TDVs) within the key technology areas for combat
air systems to be either adapted to existing systems or to be included
in the future joint European system for deployment in the 2020
· also any follow-on Systems Development programmes (manned and / or
unmanned systems) as requested to fulfil the 6-Nation military
requirements as they emerge.

Saab wishes to confirm its full support for the European Governments
initiative. Saab also confirms its commitment to work with the European
Governments, and Major European Aerospace Companies to develop the
necessary technologies and competences. This will meet the military
demands of a European combat air system capability for the 2020
timeframe whilst sustaining an efficient and globally competitive
European Aerospace and Defence Systems Industry.

Saab has an interest in combining the technologies from ETAP with the
Saab NetDefence concept to provide future air combat systems in a
Network Centric Warfare context. In addition to Saab, Volvo Aero
Corporation and Ericsson will participate in ETAP together with key
research organisations in Sweden.

Saab is one of the world's leading high-technology companies, with its
main operations focusing on defence, aviation and space. The group
covers a broad spectrum of competence and capability in systems

For further information, please contact:
Peter Larsson, Vice President, Communications and Public AffairsPhone:
+46 70 9897109
Saab Aerospace

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