AerotechTelub in EU project

AerotechTelub Information & Media AB is taking part in an EU project
together with two companies from Italy. The project will develop
information solutions with interactive 3D for the vehicle industry.
AerotechTelub's project budget amounts to SEK2.6 million.

The EU project named SpacemantiX has been signed and commences in May.
The project will be run by ten companies and universities during a three-
year period. In addition to Sweden (AerotechTelub Information & Media
AB), Germany (two companies and a university), Italy (two companies),
Switzerland (one company), and Spain (three companies) are represented.
The project grant from the EU amounts to Euro1.7 million (approx. SEK16
million). 50% of AerotechTelub's project budget is in-house investment.

The project aims at creating user-friendly information solutions that
unite spatial information, i.e., 3D information for products and items
with different types of text information. It shall also be possible, in
certain cases, to manipulate the 3D information in a web environment in
real time.

SpacemantiX is conducted in three subprojects with a focus on the
vehicle industry, architecture/design and toys respectively.

AerotechTelub Information & Media AB is a subsidiary of AerotechTelub.
AerotechTelub is a service company which offers qualified technical
services, maintenance and customer-adapted system solutions within
information technology, electronics and aviation technology for the
military and civil defence, government departments and public
authorities as well as selected sectors of trade and industry.

AerotechTelub, a company in the Saab Group, has 2,650 employees and a
turnover of approximately SEK 2,5 billion.

Saab is one of the world's leading high-technology companies, with its
main operations focusing on defense, aviation and space. The group
covers a broad spectrum of competence and capabilities in systems

For further information, please contact:
Håkan Sandgren, Marketing Manager, Phone:+46 470 42 345
AerotechTelub Information & Media AB +46 73 668 96 00

Ulf Jansson, Business Development Manager,
AerotechTelub Information & Media AB, Phone:+46 470 42 549
+46 70 533 58 85

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