Gripen offset team deliver manufacturing orders to three Czech companies


Autoliv Mekan AB of Sweden, the world's leading manufacturer of
automotive safety products, such as seatbelt systems and airbags, has
placed trial orders for the manufacture of auto components with three
Czech companies as part of the Gripen offset and industrial co-operation
programme for the Czech Republic.

Autoliv, which in 1956 pioneered seatbelt technology and today has 80
plants in more than 30 vehicle-producing countries employing more than
28,000 people, currently spends more than 1.96 billion Czech crowns per
year with suppliers world-wide.

Subject to Brano Group a.s.of Hradec nad Moravici, Magneton a.s. of
Kromeriz and Karsit s.r.o. Jaromer meeting Autoliv's stringent quality
standards and delivery performance requirements, the Swedish company
intends to place additional manufacturing works in the Czech Republic in
the future.

Anders Persson, Quality Manager at Autoliv, said: "We have visited the
Czech Republic several times and, working with the Czech Gripen team,
have identified several potential supplier partners. Autoliv is pleased
to be launching co-operation with two Czech companies and looks forward
to developing a successful, long-term relationship with each of them."

Hans Edlund, senior vice president at Gripen partner Saab of Sweden,
comments: "Offset benefits linked to defence procurement programmes
normally begin to flow after contract signature but Gripen partners Saab
and BAE SYSTEMS adopt a different approach.

"The Czech Republic is now benefiting from 15 individual pre-contract
offset projects and this clearly demonstrates our commitment to
developing long-term industrial partnerships with a large number of
Czech companies in both the defence and aerospace and commercial
business sectors."

The Gripen programme of offset and industrial co-operation has been
developed to meet the specific regional and industrial priorities of the
Czech government. Offset programmes, identified for every region of the
country, will bring investments, generate export revenues, promote
export and secure employment. They will act as a catalyst for a tri-
lateral trading and military relationship between Sweden, the United
Kingdom and the Czech Republic.

Gripen is the latest-technology, supersonic, multi-role fighter capable
of fulfilling all Czech national, European and NATO defence needs for
the next 30+ years. Fully interoperable with respect to NATO
requirements and configuration of weapon systems, it is equipped with
the latest combat-proven air-to-air and air-to-surface weaponry.


For more information, please contact:
Owe Wagermark, Senior Vice President Communications, Gripen
Tel: +46 13 18 4014 Mobil: +46 70 889 60 00 Fax: +46 13 18 0055

Anders Persson, Autoliv Mekan AB

John Neilson, vice president communication, BAE SYSTEMS
Tel: +44 7802 337704 email:

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