Modified Proposal to Austria for the delivery of up to 30 fighters


On 30 April 2002 the Gripen team submitted a modified proposal, as
requested, for the delivery of up to 30 fighters for the air force of
the Austrian Army.

The biggest difference between this and the proposal of 23 January 2002
concerns the period of time in which the new aircraft would be
delivered. As required by the Request for Proposals (RFP), the Gripen
team could deliver the first 5 new fighters in mid 2005 and another 7 by
the end of 2005. The delivery of all aircraft could be completed by the
middle of 2007.

Such exceptionally fast delivery is only possible thanks to the close co-
operation that has existed between the Swedish and Austrian air forces
for decades.

Parallel to this, an extremely detailed training and educational
programme for Austrian pilots and technicians would be conducted.

In addition, in the new proposal there are also further possibilities
for the financing of the project, which could be transacted partially
through a bank consortium led by Erste Bank and partially through
Swedish banks.

Comprehensive proposals for industrial co-operation also constitute an
important part of the modified offer.

As has already been announced, the Gripen team has committed itself to
offset agreements, in line with the Austrian Government's requirements,
amounting to 200% of the total purchase price. In the new proposal, over
110 projects are now specifically listed and described.

The 110 projects are spread out over all 9 federal provinces and cover
all of the business fields specified by the Request for Proposals.
Special emphasis - more than 40 projects - is placed on life sciences
and information technology. In this way, the Gripen team guarantees big
opportunities for R&D and industry in Austria.

Further information is available from:
Owe Wagermark, Senior Vice President Communications, Gripen
Tel: +46 13 18 4014 Mobil: +46 70 889 60 00 Fax: +46 13 18 0055

Marie Aktö, Communications Manager, Gripen International
Tel.: +46 13 18 4216 Mobil:+46 70 989 71 10

Dr. Manfred Waldenmair, PR Consultant for Austria
be.public Werbung Finanzkommunikation GmbH
Tel.: +43 1 503 2 503

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