AerotechTelub delivers radio link systems to the National Rail Administration

AerotechTelub delivers radio link systems to the National Rail

AerotechTelub has signed a 2-year contract with the National Rail
Administration regarding deliveries of radio link systems from Nokia.
The contract is worth between SEK20-25 million.

- The contract further strengthens our position as supplier of telecom
contracts within the infrastructure area, says Göran Jakobsson, Business
Manager at AerotechTelub Contracting.

The radio link system will be used for communication between radio base
stations and from radio base stations to an exchange in MobiSIR that is
the new train radio system for the railways.

MobiSIR replaces all the radio and mobile telephone systems that so far
have been used on the railways. MobiSIR is based on the GSM standard for
mobile telephony but has been further developed in GSM-R in order to
fulfil railway requirements in accordance with an international
specification. The "R" stands for Railway and GSM-R is the common
standard for Europe's railway administrations.

In addition to hardware, the contract also includes the possibility for
the National Rail Administration to suborder project management,
surveys, installation and commissioning of the radio link systems.

For further information, please contact:
Lennart Forslund, MD, AerotechTelub Contracting AB:
Phone: 0589-39 71 10, 070-713 08 08

Göran Jakobsson, Business Manager, Traffic infrastructure.
AerotechTelub Contracting AB:
Phone: 0243-736 47, 070-713 08 12

Eiron Nilsson, Buyer, National Rail Administration
Phone: 0380-727 20, 070-894 27 20

Fredrik Zetterström, Transmission engineer, National Rail Administration
Phone: 0243-44 57 07, 070-724 57 07

AerotechTelub Contracting AB is a subsidiary of AerotechTelub.

AerotechTelub is a service company which offers qualified technical
services, maintenance and customer-adapted system solutions within
information technology, electronics and aviation technology for the
military and civil defence, government departments and public
authorities as well as selected sectors of trade and industry.

AerotechTelub, a company in the Saab Group, has 2,650 employees and a
turnover of approximately SEK 2,5 billion. Saab is one of the world´s
leading high-technology companies, with its main operations focusing on
defence, aviation and space.

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