SensoNor MEMS-Foundry and Saab MicroTech starts co-operation

SensoNor MEMS-Foundry and Saab MicroTech
starts co-operation

SensoNor ASA product area MEMS-Foundry in Horten, Norway and Saab
MicroTech AB in Gothenburg, Sweden has signed a co-operation agreement
on the development and fabrication within the area of microtechnology
(MEMS). By this co-operation, a strong industrial developement resource
is offered in the combination with a capable manufacturing facility.

Saab MicroTech will provide design, construction/development and
simulations of devices and systems, while SensoNor will be the
manufacturer of the microdevices. By performing design and development
directly in a production adapted process, the risk in transfer from
prototype design to manufacturing is minimised or eliminated.

SensoNor was established in 1985 as a volume manufacturer of micro
electromechanical sensors. The company has several years of experience
within industrial production of micro electromechanical devices in
silicon, primarely accelerometers and pressure sensors. In the recent
years this production has been concentrated towards the product areas
Automotive and MEMS- Foundry. The goal of the MEMS- Foundry product area
is to serve a number of applications within the global MEMS market,
partly through establing a network of partners. The co-operation
agreement with Saab MicroTech is an important part of this network.

Saab MicroTech has been generated as an industrial centre of competence
for microtechnology within Saab. The purpose is partly to offer a
comprehensive technology support, and partly to operate as specialist
consultants in the open market. Saab MicroTech handles the
microtechnology strictly from the customer's system perspective. Hence,
resources have been allocated within complementary areas such as
electronic design, mechanical simulation and calculations, packaging and
assembly of microdevices.

Saab is one of the world's leading high-technology companies, with its
main operations focusing on defense, aviation and space. The group
covers a broad spectrum of competence and capabilities in systems

For further information, please
Stein Ivar Hansen, Vice President, Phone:
SensoNor Microsystems Products
+47 33 03 51 95

Hans Richert, President Saab MicroTech Phone:
+46 31 772 41 46 www.sensonor.c

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