Saab's first successful flight with UAV-demonstrator

In recent years, Saab Aerospace has worked on a large number of concept
studies for unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs. This work is now
continuing with the flight of a UAV demonstrator which is another step
towards the next generation of UAVs with high reliability and
survivability and with the performance to make it possible to certify

"The flight we now have carried out is an important milestone towards
autonomous and reliable UAVs", says Åke Svensson, Senior Vice President
and General Manager, Saab Aerospace.

The work commenced in 1998 when Saab, within the framework of the
National Aeronautical Research Programme, developed nine different
configurations, all representing different construction philosophies.
This eventually led to the selection of one concept, SHARC (Swedish
Highly Advanced Research Configuration), whose flight properties were
tested in a wind tunnel at Aeronautical Research Institute of Sweden

Saab together with the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) has
developed and test-flown a configuration of SHARC. The development of
the demonstrator is intended to bring about increased knowledge of UAV-
systems and their design, as well as practical experience of flying with
UAV systems.

Saab is convinced that, in the near future, UAV-systems will become
increasingly important pieces in the Network Centric Defence concept.
They will constitute an excellent complement to manned aircraft, navy
vessels and land defence units. To achieve this, the UAV-systems must
have sufficient levels of reliability to become certified.

The technology for achieving this is available within the aerospace
industry, where the demands placed on 4th generation swing role Gripen
fighter have generated systems knowledge which is directly applicable
within the UAV-sector. Saab is therefore conducting evolutionary
development in order to achieve this goal. The knowledge from manned
aircrafts, advanced missiles systems, cutting edge sensor systems and
command and control systems in the Saab group makes us well equipped to
be a partner in future advanced UAV-systems.
"Saab has the experience and knowledge to develop the first certified
UAV for civil aerospace", finishes Åke Svensson.

Saab is one of the world's leading high-technology companies, with its
main operations focusing on defence, aviation and space. The group
covers a broad spectrum of competence and capability in systems

For further information, please contact:
Peter Larsson, Vice-President Communications and
Public Affairs, Saab Aerospace Mobile: +46 (0)
709-89 7109
Heidi Wendt, Communications Manager, Saab Aerospace Mobile: +46 (0)
709-89 7393

Pictures and background information
For press pictures of the UAV demonstrator, please contact Jonas
Mobile: +46 (0) 709 89 7292, Email: or

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