Gripen international is committed to delivering more than 8 billion euro worth of offset to Poland


Gripen International, wholly owned by SAAB AB of Sweden and the United
Kingdom's BAE SYSTEMS, offering the latest generation fighter to Poland,
outlines its offset commitment to Poland.

Gripen International will bring Polish Aerospace companies into the
heart of the Gripen program. Letters of Intent have been signed with a
number of Polish companies, including:

PZL Mielec to undertake final assembly of the Gripen fighter, including
manufacturing of major assemblies and sub-assemblies, installation,
mechanical and electrical system tests, and acceptance flight tests.
These capabilities offer further opportunities for involvement in the
Gripen program. In addition PZL Mielec is to:
1. Manufacture complete Gripen forward fuselage and side panels
together with other assemblies and sub assemblies.
2. Manufacture and supply the complete tail cone for Gripen, building
on an existing relationship where it already manufactures parts of the
tail cone for export.

PZL- Swidnik to deliver complex composite products including Gripen
wings and landing gear doors, as a single-source vendor for the future

WZL-2 Bydgoszcz to take on the maintenance and support of Gripen. In
addition, AerotechTelub will start a partnership with WZL-2 supplying
technology transfer and training.

ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries in Warszawa to develop: a full mission
flight simulator, two squadron level mission flight simulators, a
procedural simulator, and a Computer Based Training System. This will
form a significant part of the integrated Gripen training solution for
the Polish Air Force.

"This offer by Gripen International presents an opportunity for
significant enhancement of existing capabilities within the Polish
Aerospace Industry. The development of skills, techniques and competence
will generate new market opportunities. More importantly, it offers
lasting high tech employment opportunities in tomorrows global aerospace
industry," comments Björn Magnusson, Director of Gripen International,

Gripen International, through its EU & US industrial network, is able to
deliver a range of Aerospace and other industrial programs to Poland,
creating and sustaining jobs in many regions and industries, including:
Volvo is already engaged in a range of activities in Poland within the
automotive sector. In a new project, Polish suppliers will be delivering
components to the Backhoe loader, a brand new Volvo product,
manufactured in Wroclaw for the global market. Volvo is pleased with how
the operations in Poland are developing and can see great potentials for
a future expansion. This expansion will serve a range of regions, as for
example Dolnoslaskie and Slaskie.

Electrolux is ready to expand production of household electrical
appliances in Poland. The factory is to be established in Siewierz, in
southern Poland - creating new job opportunities and exports. " We see
this as a long term investment, where the Siewierz plant becomes an
integral part of our global factory network", says Per G. Hedstrom,
Senior Vice President Electrolux Home Products.

General Electric of the US, has established an Engineering Design Center
with the Institute of Aviation, through a transfer of technology
program. Its main activity is design and modernization of components for
jet engines and power generation systems.

Ericsson is developing its supplier network for electronic & IT
equipment in Poland. This development and production will enhance the
total infrastructure in several parts of Poland and create a need for a
large number of local suppliers. Ericsson will also transfer know-how to
the Polish Air Force and industry, to develop, simulate, test and
evaluate future Gripen radar functions. An agreement on this transfer of
technology has been signed with WZL-2.

Ecoship is a highly innovative company, which has developed a new
concept of environment friendly ships. It is ready to initiate
production and development of Ecoships at the Gryfia Ship Repair Yard,
Szczecin. New EU rules will create a need to scrap many old ships to
produce more ecological ones. This project has enormous export potential
and will involve around 50 local vendors.

MG Rover is developing a way forward for the Zeran Car plant with the
establishment of New Small Company. The New Small Company will
manufacture a range of vehicles from the MG Rover product line and
become an additional part of MG Rover's manufacturing capability.

"We are proud to present a range of projects where we are confident of a
long term profitable future. They all represent large investments, in
excess of 8 Billion Euro in total, and 50 000 jobs will be sustained and
created. In addition, they will create big sub supplier chains across
Poland, which I think will be a crucial generator for the polish
industry", comments Bob Kemp, Sales & Marketing Director of Gripen

SAAB AB and BAE SYSTEMS are world leaders in the delivery of economic
compensation to support defense sales. To date, programs in more than 30
countries have been implemented with a total value in excess of US$20

Notes to editors:

Gripen is the first new-generation multi-role fighter in service world-
wide, designed to meet the demands of all current and future threats,
while at the same time meeting strict requirements for flight safety,
reliability, training efficiency and low operating costs.

Gripen International is the company, which acts as a prime contracting
organization, responsible for marketing, selling and supporting the
Gripen aircraft worldwide. SAAB of Sweden and BAE SYSTEMS of the United
Kingdom jointly own Gripen International.

Already in operational service with the Swedish Air Force, which has
ordered 204 aircraft (including 28 dual-seaters), Gripen has also been
ordered by the South African Air Force (28 aircraft) and Hungary has
signed an agreement with the Swedish government for the lease of 14
Gripen fighters. Gripen has also been selected to meet the national,
NATO and European defense needs of the Czech Republic.

Further information is available from:

Joanna Sjölander, Communications Manager, Gripen International
Phone: +46 13 18 41 91 Mobile: +46 70 889 54 94 Fax: +46 13 18 00 55

Owe Wagermark, Senior Vice President Communications, Gripen
Phone: +46 13 18 40 14 Mobile: +46 70 889 60 00 Fax: +46 13 18 00 55

Björn Magnusson, Director, Gripen International, Poland
Phone: +48 22 625 0136 Mobile: +48 691 67 84 68 Fax: +48 22 622 1424

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