Saab 2000 flying at home

After eight years with a number of different operators on three
continents, the time has finally come for the Saab 2000 to fly regular
routes from Linköping.

"We think it's great, but also that it's time that the Saab 2000 came
home," says Michael Grahn, PR and information officer at Saab Aircraft
Leasing. "The Linköping airport offers major potential with its central
location in the county, and we naturally hope to see Saab 2000s over
Linköping more often in the future. Here on our home field we also offer
extensive technical expertise through Saab Aircraft, which is attractive
to the airlines."

For two weeks in November, City Airline's daily route to Gothenburg and
then on to London Gatwick and Manchester will be flown by a Saab 2000
from Golden Air (Golden Air normally flies Saab 2000s out of Finland,
between Helsingfors and Stuttgart). Because of the Saab 2000's high
speed, the jet that normally flies the routes can easily be replaced
with no major scheduling changes.

"The Saab 2000 could be an opportunity for us," says Tom Ericsson, CEO
of City Airline. "The plane flies almost as fast as a jet, but it can
land on smaller airfields, which means that it can fly to more
destinations. That's why we're taking a good look at the Saab 2000 as a
supplement, and are looking forward to passenger reactions over the two
weeks that Golden Air will be flying the Saab 2000."

Saab Aircraft Leasing is a part of the Saab Aviation Services business
segment, and manages a portfolio of some 300 Saab 340s and 2000s, which
are leased to 28 airlines worldwide. SAL has 38 employees and is
headquartered in Washington DC, with regional offices in Stockholm,
Tokyo and Sydney.

Saab is one of the world's leading high-technology companies, with its
main operations focusing on defense, aviation and space. Saab covers a
broad spectrum of competence and capabilities in systems integration.

For additional information, please contact:
Dag Waldenström, Director of Sales and Marketing, Saab Aircraft Leasing,
0708 - 894 600

Michael Grahn, PR and Information Officer, Saab Aircraft Leasing,
0709 -500 166

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