Saab Ericsson Space contributes to search for life on Mars

Europe's first mission to explore the mysterious red planet will blast
off from Baikonur in Kazakhstan on June 2. The satellite Mars Express
and its lander, Beagle-2, will be tasked to search for indications of
life. Saab Ericsson Space AB has delivered key equipment to make the
mission successful.

The Mars Express satellite will travel until December of this year
before it approaches Mars where it will orbit for a full Martian year in
a near polar orbit. Once there, Mars Express will release a lander,
Beagle-2 (named after one of Darwin's experiments). The lander will use
its instruments to search for present and past life on Mars. Meanwhile
from its orbit, Mars Express will take high-resolution images of Mars
and will look for water in liquid or frozen form down to several
kilometers below the Martian surface using a radar instrument.

Mars Express has been financed by the European Space Agency, ESA. Saab
Ericsson Space has delivered the Data Handling System of the spacecraft
to Astrium in Toulouse, France. This system will control the
spacecraft's functions and report its status to earth. The system
delivered is a rebuild of what was first designed for the Rosetta comet
lander, still waiting for its rescheduled mission. Saab Ericsson Space
has also supplied antennas used for communication with the satellite to
Alenia in Turin, Italy, another of the project's main suppliers. The
deliveries include a number of development models and a fully redundant
flight system.

Saab Ericsson Space's contribution to the Soyuz launcher is a Separation
System, which keeps the satellite attached to the vehicle during launch
and releases the satellite once the correct orbit has been reached.

Saab Ericsson Space is an international and independent supplier of
space equipment. The company's main products are computers, microwave
electronics and antennas, guidance and separation systems and also
thermal insulation material for use onboard satellites and launch
vehicles. The main office is located in Gothenburg and there is also a
division in Linköping. The company has subsidiaries in Austria (Austrian
Aerospace) and in the USA (Saab Ericsson Space Inc.)
Saab Ericsson Space employs in total approximately 600 persons, of whom
420 are employed in Gothenburg.

Saab Ericsson Space is under the joint ownership of Saab and Ericsson.

For further information, please contact:

Lars Nordfeldt, Communications Director
phone: +46 31 735 4312, Mobile: +46 703 668 0312 Fax: +46 31 735 45 000

For further information about the project, visit the Mars Express pages
on ESA's website:

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