Saab Training Systems Launches Integrated MOUT Concept

Saab Training Systems, Huskvarna, Sweden, is launching a total concept
for tactical combat exercises in and around buildings. The concept makes
it possible to hold joint exercises with the infantry, armour, air
support, and indirect fire in and around buildings. The mobile equipment
can be assembled on location in just a few hours.

"We have developed a concept allowing maximum use of existing equipment
for tactical exercises in environments with buildings. As a partner to
our customers in training situations, we have now made it possible to
arrange an exercise area in just a short time, which could be useful,
for example, in international assignments," says Johan Ohlson, Chief
Executive Officer, Saab Training Systems.

Saab has met the growing customer need to hold exercises in areas with
buildings, particularly in preparation for and during international
assignments. This places several demands: the possibility of using
existing equipment, temporarily or permanently setting up in available
buildings, positioning in buildings, scaleability, modularity and the
possibility of simulating the effects of firing at buildings with direct
and indirect fire.

Saab has supplemented its comprehensive GAMER system concept with
modules for training exercises that can even be used in and around
buildings, featuring new software and a small number of components for
fast instrumentation of buildings and rooms. The GAMER system was
already capable of following units on exercises in the field; you can
see the position of the players and the results of their actions. Now
the GAMER system can also track players indoors thanks to a seamless
transition between the global positionering system (GPS) and Saab's new
development system for exercises in and around buildings. New features
include applications for simulating hand grenades and IED (improvised
explosive device) threats as well as the effects on and inside buildings
that are fired at.

The system achieves visualization through expanded functionality in
GAMER, with powerful support for analyzing and evaluating the exercise.
You can assess the unit's tactical performance in either 2D or 3D using
the included tactical components. The system can also be supplemented
with video support for customers who wish to evaluate skills in specific
training elements.

Saab Training Systems develops, manufactures and markets advanced
military training equipment such as laser simulator systems,
instrumented training systems and target equipment, and provides service
and maintenance for training systems.

Saab is one of the world's leading high-technology companies, with its
main operations focusing on defence, aviation and space. The group
covers a broad spectrum of competence and capabilities in systems

For further information please contact:
Les Mitchell, Marketing Manager, Saab Training Systems AB,
Phone +46 36 388764

Lars Birging, Vice President Marketing, Saab Training Systems AB,
Phone +46 36 388706

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