The Consortium of Saab, Nokia and Swedia Networks wins the tender for building the joint radio communications network fo

The Consortium of Saab, Nokia and Swedia Networks wins the tender for
building the joint radio communications network for Sweden's public
safety authorities

The Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV) today decided to
assign the Consortium of Saab, Nokia and Swedia Networks to complete the
first stage of the new joint radio communications system for the Public
Safety authorities in Sweden.

- I am very happy that our Consortium won the tender, says Carl Erik
Johansson, Vice President at Saab. It's good that we can get started and
to meet all the expectations for the new joint Public Safety
communications system. We look forward to realize our tender in close
cooperation with the new RAKEL organization and the user organizations.

Saab, Nokia and Swedia Networks' winning tender includes systems,
infrastructure based on the TETRA standard and extension, operation and
maintenance and training for all Swedish security and safety
authorities. The authorities are, among others, the Police, the Swedish
Rescue Services Agency, the Swedish Customs, the Coast Guard and the
Swedish Armed Forces. The construction of the new radio communications
system shall be finalized 2009. The Swedish Parliament has set aside SEK
2.3 billion which until 2011 also includes the starting up operation of
the system.

- The decision of FMV's to choose us is a breakthrough for the
cooperation of our Consortium. The Consortium is the most experienced
and competent in this area, says Carl Erik Johansson. Nokia is the
supplier to more than 50 organizations worldwide within digital radio
communications and the TETRA standard. Swedia Networks has 30 years of
experience of operating and maintaining the radio systems of public
safety authorities. Saab's over 40 years of experience within
telecommunications systems and systems integration makes the consortium
complete. Together, we provide the most powerful, user friendly and cost
efficient solution for the public safety authorities.

Saab´s consortium share, as Swedia Networks´, is approximately one
fourth respectively, and Nokia´s share is approximately one half.

For inquiries, please contact Lennart Forslund, CEO Saab Contracting AB,
tel. +46 70 713 08 08.

About RAKEL (
RAKEL is the abbreviation for radio communication for efficient command.
It is a committee assigned by the Government in September of 2002 to
analyse the prerequisites for purchasing a common, national radio
communications systems for public safety authorities. The Government
decided in May of 2003 to launch the tender procedures. The offers were
handed in to the FMV on November 17, 2003. Starting February 1 of 2004,
KBM, the Swedish Emergency Management Agency, is responsible for the
purchase and extension of the RAKEL system.

About the offer of the consortium Saab, Nokia and Swedia Networks:
A well-tried national infrastructure, which fills the needs of secure
radio communications for civil, emergency and military Public Safety
authorities. The solution makes users more efficient in their daily
routines, which means that public spending can be used for core
operations. The solution will also be a tool for coordinating authority
resources to reach the optimum effect at all turnouts and it will create
organizations and technologies ready to meet the future.

The consortium contributes to the development of Swedish and Nordic
competences within the field of radio communications and advanced user
applications. The solution is cost efficient, providing a sound balance
between investment, implementation and operation costs.

About Saab (
Saab is one of the world's leading high tech companies, mainly operating
within defence, aviation and space. Saab holds a series of core
competences and resources for systems integration. Some of the areas
where Saab is highly involved and has great competences are network-
based defence systems, security and safety authorities and civil
emergency authorities. Further examples include supplying systems within
information and telecommunications to businesses and the public sector
where telecommunications and radio communications are used in different

Number of employees: 13,600
For more information about Saab, please contact
Press Secretary Peter Larsson, tel. +46 734 18 00 18,

About Nokia (
Nokia is the world leader in mobile communications and drives the growth
of the mobile market. Nokia contributes in making people's lives easier
and more productive by supplying them with user friendly and reliable
products. Apart from mobile phones, Nokia also offers multi media
communications, games and solutions for mobile operators and other
business operations. Nokia is listed on five stock exchange markets and
has one of the widest ownership structures in the world.

Number of employees: 52,000
For more information about Nokia, please contact Michael Smirnoff,
tel. +358 504 80 44 46, email:

About Swedia Networks (
Within the Public Safety area, Swedia Networks has extensive cooperation
with the authorities that are ultimately responsible for the security
and safety of society, such as the National Police Board, SOS Alarm AB,
the Swedish Rescue Services Agency, municipal rescue authorities and the
Swedish Emergency Management Agency. By providing long-standing
operation and maintenance services for the Swedish Civil Aviation
Administration, Swedia Networks has gained experience of meeting
exceptional demands in the field of safety and reliability.

Swedia Networks is one of Europe's leading telecom entrepreneurs,
building, supervising and maintaining infrastructure for radio,
telecommunications and data communications. The company was founded in
1998 but has its origin as a part of Telia. The company's history
accordingly dates back to 1853 when the first infrastructure for
telegraphy was built.

Swedia Networks is part of the Telefos group, owned by the Industri
Kapital 2000-fund (51%) and TeliaSonera (49%).

Number of employees: 2,300

For more information about Swedia Networks, please contact
CEO Jan Sjöqvist, tel. +46 70 593 40 10, email

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