All Saab Press Briefings during Farnborough Air Show

Here is the complete list of all Saab Press Briefings during the Farnborough Air Show 2006. Saab is delighted to invite you to all of them, especially the Press Conference with Saab CEO Åke Svensson on Tuesday 18 July at 10.00 hrs.

Mr. Åke Svensson main focus will be:
• Saab’s future development
• The Gripen market opportunities
• The expansion through the acquisition of Ericsson Microwave Systems
• Development of Airborne Surveillance Systems
• The expansion in South Africa

During the press Conference, Mr. Svensson will be joined by Mr. Johan Lehander the Managing Director for Gripen International.

The following Saab press briefings will take place during the week:

Monday 17 July
09.30 Press breakfast
Pavillion OE10 and Chalet and C24-26 in C-row

10.00 Press briefing, “Saab Aircraft Leasing Update”
President of Saab Aircraft Leasing, Mr. Michael Magnusson will provide a market update for the Saab 340 and Saab 2000 and also present information regarding turboprop /regional jet trends in general.
Chalet, C24-26 in C-row

10.00 Press briefing, “Gripen Meteor ALD Firings”
Project Manager Meteor at Saab Aerosystems, Thomas Hellström, Program Ulf Hellberg and Business and Performance Executive for Meteor at MBDA, Richard Jones, will give a press briefing about the successful Gripen Meteor ALD firings. Pavillion OE10

Tuesday 18 July
09.30 Press breakfast
Chalet C24-26 in C-row

10.00 Press conference, Saab CEO Åke Svensson
A general update by CEO Mr. Åke Svensson together with Managing Director for Gripen International Mr. Johan Lehander with information on the Gripen program.
Chalet, C24-26 in C-row

Wednesday 19 July
09.30 Press breakfast
Pavillion OE10

10.00 Press briefing, “A year with Gripen in NATO service”
Petr Mikulenka, Commander for the Gripen operations within the Czech Air Force, will talk about the experience from the first year with Gripen NATO QRA operations. Pavillion OE10

15.30 Press briefing, “Protection of civil and special mission aircraft market
and Saab Electronic Warfare Concept”
Senior Marketing and Sales Executive at Saab Avitronics, Mr. Göran
Karlström, will present Saab Electronic Warfare Concept for civil and special
mission applications. Chalet, C24-26 in C-row

Thursday 20 July
09.30 Press breakfast
Pavillion OE10

10.00 Press briefing, “Saab UAV Programs Update“
Program Director UAV at Saab Aerosystems, Mikael Franzén, will give an update on Saab’s UAV road map and ongoing Saab UAV-programs.
Pavillion OE10

Most Welcome!
Saab is one of the world’s leading high-technology companies, with its main operations focusing on defense, aviation and space. The group covers a broad spectrum of competence and capabilities in systems integration.

Please notify your participation to either:

Heidi Wendt, Saab Aerosystems + 46 734-18 00 17

Peter Larsson, Saab Press Secretary +46 734-18 00 18

Anders Annerfalk, Gripen International + 46 734-18 48 15

John Belanger, Saab Aircraft, +46 734-18 31 01

Anna Bergenlid, Saab Avitronics, +46 734 37 53 06

Susanne Dalskog, Saab Aerostructures, +46 734-18 00 14

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