Saab launches Compact Integrated Defensive Aids Suite family systems (CIDAS100-300)

Saab Avitronics is very aware of the highly dynamic and changing operational and technical threat environment aircraft has to operate in. In an effort to meet these ever increasing challenges, Saab Avitronics has embarked on a continuous product improvement program and introduces the family of Compact Integrated Defensive Aids Suites (CIDAS).

“This is the newest generation designed to meet the challenges of the emerging electronic warfare operational environment comprising both old and new generation radars, missiles, and laser threats”, says Ben Ash vice president business development and marketing at Saab Avitronics.

The Compact Integrated Defensive Aids Suite family includes the CIDAS 100 and CIDAS 300. CIDAS is a further progression of the original Saab Avitronics concept to produce the worlds first fully Integrated Defensive Aids Suite (IDAS) which provided multi spectral (radar, laser and missile warning) with automatic countermeasures decoy dispensing.

CIDAS-100 is the small and light weight variant with only electro-optic sensors and small line replaceable units. It is designed for the protection of aircraft against Man portable Air Defence Systems (MANPADS) and laser based threats many of which are encountered in the prevailing peace keeping environment. CIDAS-100 is particularly suitable for small platforms like light helicopters and fighters where space and or mass is always critical issues.

The CIDAS-300 is the high-end system which can be configured with the full multi-spectral detection capability for radar; including an optional digital receiver (DRx) laser and missile approach warning. Both variants are fully integrated with Saab’s new advanced lightweight countermeasures dispensing system, BOP/L.

The design goals for CIDAS were to retain all the good IDAS’ features (modularity, all functions integrated and reduced box count) but at the same time increase the system performance through, increased sensitivity, selectivity, probability of intercept (POI) and spatial coverage for the missile warning system, laser and radar warning systems to meet the requirements of the next generation of threats. The system is

also easily adaptable to specific operational and platform requirements reducing non-recurring engineering costs related to integrating and installing CIDAS on various platforms and adapting it for different operational scenarios.
CIDAS provides the solution for the protection of aircraft for the next decade and ensures that Saab Avitronics will remain at the forefront of companies that specializes in the supply of EW self protection systems.
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