Saab and Vägverket signs agreement

Saab has signed a cooperation agreement with Vägverket (the Swedish Road Administration) in order to jointly create efficient, safe and sustainable transport.
Traffic situation

Image: Saab and Vägverket are working together in order to develop
solutions for more efficient and safe transport flows.

Saab and Vägverket will work together to accelerate and coordinate the development of intelligent transportation solutions for highway traffic, both in Sweden and internationally. Intelligent transport solutions means the application of Information and Communication Technology to the transportation of goods and passengers. The aim is to create efficient and safe traffic flows with consideration for the environment.

"With Saab's expertise and involvement, we can further strengthen our ability to effectively fulfil our obligations, creating the conditions for public-private partnerships and innovative solutions that support our overall objectives," says Lena Erixon, Vägverket's Director-General.

Gunilla Fransson, head of Saab's business area Security and Defence Solutions.

Gunilla Fransson, head of the Security and Defence Solutions business area at Saab, comments:

"This agreement gives us a close partnership with Vägverket in which we will work jointly to find solutions for future traffic flows. We must find methods of efficiently transporting ourselves, materials and goods, in terms of time, money and the Earth's natural resources."