Order for further development of Gripen's reconnaissance system

Saab has received an order from the Swedish Defence Material Administration for development of the reconnaissance system in the Gripen. 

The order is worth approximately SEK 400 million, distributed over four years. It entails development of night capacity and an improved user interface for the reconnaissance pod on the Gripen.

The reconnaissance pod gives the aircraft a photo-reconnaissance function and is a significant component in the Gripen's overall reconnaissance capabilities. The system is modular and has considerable potential for further development. 

"Saab's expertise in sensors and image processing is world-class and we are looking forward to working with the Swedish Defence Material Administration and the Swedish Armed Forces to further improve the Gripen's reconnaissance capabilities," says Micael Johansson, head of the Electronic Defence Systems business area.

Flexible System Approach
The Modular Reconnaissance Pod System (MRPS) is fully digitised and is built around three main system elements - the Sensor fit, the Digital Mass Memory and the Reconnaissance Management System.

The MRPS provides customers with a maximum of flexibility in tailoring the sensor suite to operational requirements for airborne tactical reconnaissance. It has provisions for both day and night capability is designed for optimum performance and can be carried on various aircraft platforms. Further on it is easily integrated into the aircraft avionics by a MIL-STD-1553B data bus and a video interface to the displays in the cockpit.