Gripen NG demo flies from its nest

Last week the Gripen NG demo was making its Iinternational debut by taking part in the last phase of the Indian evaluation trials for the MMRCA (Medium Multi- Role Combat Aircraft) tender in India.

To date the aircraft has flown some 135 test flights in Sweden and is now testing its wings abroad, showing the international arena that next generation Gripen fighter development is on track.  


"This achievement just shows the expertise and high technology capability that Sweden boasts in developing and manufacturing a fighter aircraft of this calibre. Several International pilots have already flown and evaluated the Gripen NG demo in Sweden, including pilots from Brazil and India and we are confident that this aircraft meets, or exceeds every operational requirement raised by the Indian Air Force," says Eddy de la Motte, Gripen Campaign Director, India.  


The harsh environment of the Leh airbase, 3300m high up in the Himalayas, proved to be no match for the Swedish fighter where it cleared the high altitude trials.




The Gripen NG demo is the flying platform which is being used to train and develop the new technologies and features incorporated into the Gripen NG. The Gripen NG has been specifically developed to meet the operational requirements of countries such as India and Brazil, which requires a next generation fighter with significantly increased combat range and endurance, increased payload and super cruise capability.