Saab strengthening capabilities in civil security – acquiring remaining shares in leading video analysis firm Opax AS

Saab is strengthening its capabilities in civil security through the acquisition of the remaining shares in a leading video analysis firm – Opax AS.

Saab already owned 33 percent of the Norwegian video analysis firm Opax and is now acquiring the remaining shares.  

"Through the acquisition of Opax, Saab is strengthening its capabilities in civil security with a award-winning and very appreciated product," says Johan Ohlson, responsible for Saab's operations within civil security. "Intelligent video analysis is a growing market of considerable interest where we can combine Saab's advanced military technology with growing demand in the civilian markets."

With the acquisition, Saab will obtain additional opportunities to reach out with company-developed stereo technology.  

"Opax gains a strong industrial owner with clear ambitions and capabilities in our field," says Matts Lilja, CEO for Opax. "We can now orient ourselves in a larger VCA market, and with Saab's stereo technology that is already integrated and launched with our product, we obtain something that no one else can match. Opax will become significantly larger and stronger."  

"Saab Ventures invested in Opax in 2008 and has worked closely with the company ever since," says Fredrik Rosenqvist, who heads Saab Ventures. “Opax will continue as an independent company within Saab Ventures, and will obtain exclusive access to Saab's technology, expertise and sales channels."  

The conditions of the acquisition will not be made public.