Successful delivery of Saab’s GIRAFFE AMB for British C4ISTAR Programme

The first Saab GIRAFFE AMB unit for the United Kingdom's Land Environment Air Picture Provision (LEAPP) programme has successfully undergone acceptance testing and delivery to Lockheed Martin UK and UK MOD. Delivery was achieved on time and will be followed by delivery of subsequent units within 2010.

The Saab GIRAFFE AMB is part of the LEAPP system for provision of near real time air picture to land component headquarters, ground based air defence and other units. The GIRAFFE AMB constitutes the organic sensor element of the system, enabling high performance against difficult targets and autonomous provision of a high quality air picture without dependence on other systems.

“We are proud to be part of the team delivering this critically important equipment capability to the UK MOD and are confident that our GIRAFFE AMB will be a key asset for the UK Armed Forces in an ever-changing world long into the future”, says Micael Johansson head of Saab’s Electronic Defence Systems business area. 

Saab's multi-role surveillance radar system Giraffe AMB

Image: Saab's multi-role surveillance radar system Giraffe AMB.

3D battlefield surveillance radar
The flexible GIRAFFE AMB is Saab’s continuously evolving battlefield surveillance system, including 3D high update primary and secondary surveillance radars, providing unmatched performance for critical targets and proven reliability. Among the customers are Sweden, France, Estonia and UK.