Successful A-Darter Missile firings with South African Gripen

Saab has successfully carried out an important stage in the A-Darter missile programme with the first test firing verifying the integration between the missile and the Gripen aircraft.

The tests were held at the SAAF (South African Air Force) test area at Overberg, in South Africa. Gripen was chosen as the platform for these integration tests and has completed them with outstanding results.

“The test firing is an important milestone in the Gripen program. The A-Darter missile is a collaboration and development project within the missile area between local industry, Denel Dynamics, South Africa, and Brazil, where Saab has a leading role for the integration of complex future missile systems. Denel Dynamics is the OEM of the A-Darter missile and have contributed significantly to the integration effort”, says Ulf Nilsson responsible for the Gripen program within Aeronautics at Saab.

The A-Darter is a fifth-generation short-range air-to-air missile to be used during aerial combat with the new generation of fighter aircraft. In South Africa it will be operational on Gripen and in Brazil it is the weapon of choice for the future fighters of the F-X2 programme.

“The A-Darter and the Gripen aircraft have worked beyond our expectations and we are extremely pleased with the test firing results”, says Magnus Reineholm Project Manager for the integration of A-Darter at Saab.

Beside the A-Darter programme Saab is also taking part in the Meteor missile programme, which also is an international cooperation between leading aerospace companies in Europe. The Swedish Government has also approved the order of the Meteor on Gripen for the Swedish Air Force.

These missile integrations and the order of the Meteor missile shows the commitment that Saab, the Swedish Government and our customers have in the Gripen system to keep it at the forefront of technology.