Saab Barracuda delivers SOLSCONS to the U.S. Marine Corps

Saab Barracuda LLC in Lillington North Carolina USA, has received a 850,000 U.S. Dollar contract to produce and deliver Solar Shading and Concealment Systems, SOLSCONS, or Tactical Parasols for the U.S. Marine Corps.

Delivery of the systems will begin in September 2010 and include both desert and woodland variants. These systems will be used on the US Marine Corps´ M1A1 Abrams tank and the M88 Recovery vehicle.

Over 6,000 systems produced

SOLSCONS are mounted on top of tactical vehicles to mitigate or reduce the threats posed by sensor directed targeting, especially snipers and greatly reduce solar loading on the vehicle, thus keeping it cooler. Over 6,000 SOLCONS systems have been produced by Saab Barracuda LLC and delivered to the US military since 2006 for a variety of tactical vehicles. 

Most advanced technology on the market 

Saab Barracuda LLC, a part of Saabs business area Dynamics, manufactures multi-spectral signature management and heat reduction products for the U.S. Department of Defense as well as other U.S. Government agencies. Saab Barracuda LLC products represent the most advanced signature management and camouflage technology available on the market today, with capabilities that provide multi-spectral protection against visual, near IR, thermal, and broadband radar threats.