Saab CEO Håkan Buskhe in Brazil

Over the course of a few hectic days, Saab's new CEO, Håkan Buskhe, has been visiting Brazil in order to acquaint himself with one of Saab's most important emerging markets.

 Saab CEO Håkan Buskhe and the Mayor of São Bernardo do Campo, Luíz Marinho.

Image: Håkan Buskhe and the Mayor of São Bernardo do Campo, Luíz Marinho. Photo credit: Fredrik Gustafson, Saab.

Saab's President and CEO Håkan Buskhe got the opportunity to discuss the company's offer relating to a possible Gripen deal. His itinerary included a visit to the Brazilian defence company Embraer to discuss the ongoing collaboration and, obviously, the not yet decided procurement of fighter aircraft that includes Gripen among the candidates.

Other visits included the Brazilian Minister for Trade, Miguel Jorge, Defence Minister Nelson Jobim and the Mayor of Sao Bernardo do Campo, Luis Marinho. During his visit to Brasilia, Håkan Buskhe also took the opportunity to visit the Swedish Ambassador to Brazil, Annika Markovic. 

"Brazil is a fascinating country where I see many interesting business opportunities for Saab, both now and in the future," summarises Håkan Buskhe.

"We are serious about our technology transfer"
Saab’s In-Country Director, Mr. Bengt Janér, remarked on the campaign situation: 
"Defence minister Jobim repeated in his meeting with our CEO, Håkan Buskhe, that the decision regarding the future fighter aircraft may be reached in October or November. This week's visits and announcement have placed us in the best conceivable position for a possible decision. Saab has once again shown that we have an extremely competitive offer and that we are serious about our technology transfer and investment in Brazilian industry as a future partner."