First Gripen NG Production Drawing released in Brazil

Yesterday, Akaer released to Saab the first 3D model and production drawing of the Gripen NG in Sao Jose de Campos.

One year ago an agreement was signed between Akaer and Saab regarding the participation in the Gripen NG development program. The purpose of the agreement was to lay the foundations for good cooperation between the two companies and to support Saab's development  and production for the rear and intermediate fuselage sections, wings and landing gear doors for Gripen NG. Immediately after the agreement signature, a team of Brazilian engineers from Akaer  were stationed in Sweden  to acquaint themselves with the NG project to participate in the development and to learn about Saab's requirements and methods in the form of technology transfer through "on the job training".


Image: Gripen NG Project Manager, Lars Erik Svedlund from Saab and CEO Cesar Silva from Akaer.

Prepared and certified

At the same time, facilities at Akaer in Brazil were prepared and certified for the work activities related to Gripen NG development, including special security controlled areas equipped with advanced network systems connected with Saab in Sweden.

During 2010 the Akaer team participated in the conception phase including design, stress, tooling and industrialization. The activity migrated to Akaer’s facilities in Brazil along the year. The technical package including the 3D model and production drawings released today was sent to Saab’s data bank in Linkoping, Sweden through a secure datalink.

Brazilian consortium

Akaer is leading the T1 Brazilian consortium that includes Inbra Aerospace, Friuli, Minoica and Winstall involved in the development of the Gripen NG intermediate and rear fuselages, wings and main landing gear doors.


If selected for the Brazilian F-X2 Program, the serial production of the Gripen NG segments for Brazil and export will be made, as a sole source, from a new facility to be established in São Bernardo do Campo.

A successful co-operation

“ The release of this first drawing has proven the successful co-operation between our two companies proving  Saab’s commitment and investment in Brazilian industry and as a future partner. We look forward to our further development together,” says Lennart Sindahl Saab Executive Vice President and Business Group Chairman Aeronautics.

Proud of its involvement

"This is the first drawing release of a supersonic fighter aircraft ever developed in Brazil and demonstration of the successful technology transfer process conducted by Saab. Akaer is proud of its involvement and the capabilities demonstrated by its team to comply with such challenging task," says Akaer CEO Cesar Augusto da Silva


Akaer is a Brazilian engineering company and one of the major suppliers of development services to the Brazilian aerospace and defence industry both nationally and internationally.


Image: It was a lot media attention during the press conference.